2012 is going to be a great year for Microway, our customers, and HPC. We're celebrating our 30th anniversary, and we're pleased to continue delivering leading edge hardware, software, and services for HPC. View our history of HPC innovation on our 30 Years Company Poster.

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Microway Benchmarking and GPU Code Acceleration Initiatives

We're proud to continue and improve on two benchmarking and code acceleration programs for GPUs.

Microway HPC Tech Tip
GPU Performance without GPU Coding

Abstract: With the 2x in 4 Weeks promotion, NVIDIA and PGI intend to demonstrate that almost anyone can succeed. The new OpenACC directives standard allows the compiler to accelerate code without a complete rewrite or digging into CUDA. Your application can be running twice as fast (or more) with less than a month of work. And if you register with Microway, you can have easy access to our 8 GPU Tesla SimCluster to recompile your application for GPUs and see the speedup! This post will walk you through the process.

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Interview and Feature on Microway Xeon E5 Platforms with Techinsight.tv

Want insight into the latest platforms we'll debut with the Xeon E5 CPUs? The inside information on our production and integration work that takes place here in the US? Watch our interview with Techinsight.tv. It includes information on our future WhisperStation and the evolution of our NumberSmasher Twin2 platform.

HPC Resources and Articles

Microway's Tech Team recommends two notable HPC resources and articles:

New Microway Hardware and Software

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are providing a free copy of GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition to any Microway customer purchasing Tesla GPUs. Take advantage of this offer on orders through March 31, 2012.

Microway is Hiring!

Microway is growing, and we're looking to hire for two positions. Click through to the full listings for more information:

Sales Engineer - Help HPC work better for scientists and researchers worldwide!  Well spoken techie will advise our clients on design and implementation of GPU and cluster solutions for their specific needs.

Integration/Tech Support - Integrate, test, and assist supporting the latest HPC clusters and WhisperStations  - work with bleeding edge technologies!  Our systems incorporate Intel and AMD processors, NVIDIA GPUs, storage, InfiniBand, graphics and Linux software. Knowledge of server hardware, parallel processing, parallel programming (use of MPI, OpenMP) and computer architecture is highly desirable.

Eliot Eshelman at 508-732-5534
Brett Newman at 508-732-5542

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