GTC Fall 2021, Digital Conference, Nov 8-11

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) advances global awareness of GPU computing, computer graphics, game development, mobile computing, and cloud computing. Through world-class education, including hundreds of hours of technical sessions, tutorials, panel discussions, and moderated roundtables, GTC brings together thought leaders from a wide range of fields.  

Event Details

Location: Digital Conference

Dates: November 8, 2021 - November 11, 2021

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Meet with Microway Before, During , or After GTC Fall 2021

Spend some virtual time with Microway experts and let us help provide technical expertise and accelerate your next project. There are a number of ways to meet with us near GTC:

Standard 1:1 Meeting

Schedule a 1:1 30 minute meeting with Microway. We’ll discuss your next project.

Hardware Design Workshop – AI

Work on an AI problem together live over Zoom. We’ll help you to architect the right solution. On paper, whiteboard, or bring what you’ve started!


Microway GTC 2021 Session Catalog

Join us for the following Microway sessions at GTC 2021:

Render Me Confused — Which GPU is the Right Choice? (Presented by Microway, Inc.) – A31676

Eliot Eshelman – Microway

With the increasing number of different GPU models — and significant differences in their capabilities — you have important choices to make. One GPU model is 16x faster than another for one workload, with the other GPU being faster for other workloads.

Don’t get lost. We’ll guide you through the options, outline the easy scenarios, and teach you where you’ll have to make difficult decisions. Ensure that you’re making the right choices for your team’s workloads and learn to avoid common pitfalls. Our breakdown discusses the professional and data center GPUs available from NVIDIA, such as RTX A5000, RTX A6000, A10, A16, A30, A40, and A100. Workloads discussed include research computing, HPC and engineering simulation, AI/DL model training & inference, local & remote visualization, and virtualization.

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GTC Fall Keynote

Jensen Huang- NVIDIA CEO

What will Jensen unveil next? Find out at the GTC Keynote.

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