GTC 2023 Spring, Mar 20-24

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) advances global awareness of GPU computing, computer graphics, game development, mobile computing, and cloud computing. Through world-class education, including hundreds of hours of technical sessions, tutorials, panel discussions, and moderated roundtables, GTC brings together thought leaders from a wide range of fields.

Event Details

Location: Digital Conference

Dates: March 20, 2023 - March 23, 2022

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Key GTC Sessions

GTC 2023 Spring Keynote

Jensen Huang- NVIDIA CEO

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will share the latest innovations for HPC, AI, and beyond in a must-see keynote. Learn more starting at 11am EST/8am PT on March 21 (replay also available thereafter). No registration required.

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Developer Breakout: Extending AI Development with NVIDIA DGX and NVIDIA Base Command Platform

Alex Volkov, Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

Want more details on how to extend your AI development using NVIDIA DGX and NVIDIA Base Command Platform? Or do you just want to see how to launch jobs, monitor status, and work with data using Base Command Platform? This is the session for you.

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Building AI-Enabled Digital Twins Using NVIDIA Omniverse (Presented by Lockheed Martin)

Chris Aasted, Principal AI Research Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Tony Chowdhury, Engineer Manager, Lockheed Martin

The Cognitive Mission Manager (CMM) program at Lockheed Martin is creating a digital twin of an entire wildfire incident by fusing real-world data from satellites, aircraft, and ground assets into a system-of-systems and environmental digital twin in Omniverse. Through this digital twin, CMM can predict fire spread and use reinforcement learning to recommend courses of action.

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Building an AI Center of Excellence with DGX Cloud

Charlie Boyle, VP of NVIDIA DGX Systems, NVIDIA

Learn about the state of the art in AI infrastructure in 2023 and how the new AI center of excellence is evolving to meet the demands of modern AI-infused businesses, and gain valuable guidance on the IT strategy needed to enable your business to reap the benefits of the next wave of AI transformation.

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A Deep Dive into the Latest HPC Software

Timothy Costa, Director, HPC & Quantum Computing Product, NVIDIA

Take a deep dive into the latest developments in NVIDIA software for HPC applications, including a comprehensive look at what’s new in programming models, compilers, libraries, and tools. We’ll cover topics of interest to HPC developers, targeting traditional HPC modeling and simulation, HPC+AI, scientific visualization, and quantum computing.

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Fast Track Your AI infrastructure with NVIDIA BasePOD

Yang Yang, Solution Architect, NVIDIA

Join us to discuss how to create and bring up your DGX cluster with Base Command Manager, verify multi-node GPU communication with NCCL testing, and deploy Jupyter and Kubernetes to launch your AI workload. We’ll share lessons learned and best practices. Come join us!

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A Brief History of AI’s Future (Presented by Deloitte)

Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Join Mike Bechtel, Deloitte Consulting’s Chief Futurist, as he reframes AI’s journey from past to present, and its continued arc towards what’s next: industrialized imagination, soft skills in silico, and the age of spiritual machines.

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Creating and Executing an Effective Cyberdefense Strategy in an AI-Driven Business

Kim Crider, Managing Director, AI Innovation for National Security and Defense, Deloitte

Kathleen Fisher, Director of the Information Innovation Office, DARPA

We’ll discuss the necessary foundations to make a successful transition to an assumed breach strategy in an AI-driven business, how defending AI requires fusing defensive techniques, adversarial understanding, and AI-enabled humans to better operate at the speed of the problem.

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High-Fidelity Simulations of Human-Scale Mars Lander Descent Trajectories

Eric Nielsen, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

We’ll describe large-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of a human-scale Mars lander configuration descending through the Martian atmosphere using retro-propulsion.

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Optimizing Applications for Hopper Architecture

Guillaume Thomas-Collignon, Devtech Compute, NVIDIA
Vishal Mehta, DevTech Compute, NVIDIA

We’ll take a deep dive into Hopper GPU Architecture, with practical code examples on how to optimize your application for NVIDIA H100 GPU. We’ll also look at architectural innovation and how CUDA allows us to leverage features of the Hopper architecture to achieve peak performance.

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Programming Model and Applications for the Grace Hopper Superchip

Vishal Mehta, DevTech Compute, NVIDIA

The Grace Hopper Superchip combines the high performance of the Hopper GPU and the versatility of the Grace CPU with a high-bandwidth NVLink C2C. We’ll look into the details of Grace Hopper architecture, programming model and Unified Memory over NVLink C2C.

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A Demonstration of AI and HPC Applications for NVIDIA Grace CPU

David Lecomber, Senior Director for HPC, Infrastructure, Arm
John Linford, Principal Technical Product Manager, Datacenter CPU Software, NVIDIA

It’s often said that “Porting to Arm is boring,” but how easy is it, really? We’ll demonstrate top machine learning frameworks, HPC applications, and tools for data science on the NVIDIA Arm HPC DevKit. The DevKit is an on-ramp platform for NVIDIA Grace CPU that incorporates dual NVIDIA A100 GPUs, an NVIDIA BlueField DPU, and an 80-core Ampere Altra Arm CPU, in a standards-compliant Arm server.

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