UPDATE 3: COVID-19 Statement, Spring 2020

April 28, 2020 Update 3

The “stay at home” order for Massachusetts has been extended until May 18. For more information about Microway’s response and operations to these orders, please see our March 23 update below.

April 28 Extension


March 31, 2020 Update 2

The “stay at home” order below has been extended until May 4.

March 31 Extension:


March 23, 2020 Update 1

We’d like to share an update on Microway’s COVID-19 response and Microway’s operations.

On 3/23/2020, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker issued a “stay at home” order for employees of nonessential businesses. Microway provides services in a number of exempted categories including but not limited to:

  • The Defense Industrial Base
  • Data center operations
  • Infrastructure for computing services
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Critical infrastructure (nuclear facilities, energy, more)
  • Healthcare (including hospitals and university hospital affiliated HPC centers)

These include the manufacture of systems for customers in these essential business domains. Our teams will continue to work in the manufacture and delivery of hardware for these essential areas, working remotely wherever feasible but onsite in Plymouth, MA as necessary.

Nevertheless, we will take further actions to minimize risk of COVID-19 amongst our staff at the facility and to match the urgency outlined in Governor Baker’s statement. These include:

  1. Requiring all staff who are not directly engaged in production of systems or delivery of services for these essential business domains to work from home, effective 03/23/2020
  2. Prioritizing delivery of orders in the essential areas
  3. Requesting that all staff who are engaged in the production of systems or delivery of services for these essential business domains to:
    • Evaluate how much of their duties can be performed remotely
    • Complete as much activity remotely as possible
    • Only perform absolutely necessary work onsite
  4. Only permitting shipping/receiving activities on set schedules negotiated with our logistics carriers
  5. Reducing the number of essential employees in the facility at any time and potentially setting alternating work schedules for these employees.

The order is currently set for a 2 week term beginning on Tuesday 3/24/2020. On March 31, 2020 this order was extended until May 4 and on April 28 it was extended until May 18.

For Microway customers who are not in these essential domains, there may be delays in the delivery of your systems. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Even on such orders our team will endeavor to perform as much work as possible remotely to minimize any such delays.

Our Production & Integration team is skilled at performing non-assembly work remotely, and they will work tirelessly to minimize or potentially even eliminate delays to delivery timelines.

For more information below are the following resources:

Letter from Undersecretary of Defense regarding businesses delivering goods for the Defense Industrial Base:


MA Governor Order:


MA Essential Services


March 20, 2020 Message

Microway has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as it develops. We take the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees very seriously. We remain open for business with some staff continuing to report to work and the remainder seamlessly working remotely. Microway stands committed to maintaining business continuity with the same level of service that our clients have come to know and deserve.

Our team is taking steps to reduce risk, add redundancy, and buffer projects wherever possible. These measures include:

  • We are stocking above normal levels to ensure long-lead-time items are available. Our team has secured additional inventory ahead of customer orders wherever possible.
  • We are pre-building systems and pre-wiring cabinets ahead of time to provide additional buffer room and minimize the number of employees needed to complete shipments.
  • All Microway personnel who are able to work from home are doing so. More than 50% of Microway’s staff is working from home until further notice.
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering Microway’s facility until further notice.
  • Microway employee travel to customer facilities has been temporarily suspended.
  • Microway’s production and facilities personnel are taking additional measures to reduce contact between persons and to sanitize common areas.
  • Shipping and receiving activities have been moved to an isolated area.
  • Our shipping team is in contact with each customer facility ahead of deliveries to ensure the customer is aware of the incoming material and available to receive each shipment.
  • Reducing the number of essential employees in the facility at any time and potentially setting alternating work schedules for these employees.

Nevertheless, this is a fluid situation and there are possibilities of delays or disruptions beyond our control. There may be state or federal emergency declarations which reduce or eliminate our ability to deliver products for a period of time. Should these situations arise, we will reach out directly to those customers who may be impacted.

Please check back at this page for further updates.
First Rlease: 03/20/2020
First Update: 03/24/2020
Second Update: 03/31/2020

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