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Many-Core, Large Memory, Cost-Effective HPC
Microway Navion Opteron WhisperStations, servers and clusters

As an AMD Premier Partner, Microway offers numerous products leveraging AMD’s high-performance technologies. Microway’s Navion systems integrate the latest “Abu Dhabi” architecture Opteron 6300-series CPUs.

The latest Opteron 6300 Series processor features include:

Up to 15% performance boost over Opteron 6200-series

AMD Piledriver ModuleRefined “Piledriver” core modules

  • New support for FMA3, F16c, BMI, and TBM instructions
  • Shared FlexFP unit provides one AVX 256-bit or two 128-bit floating point calculations per Piledriver module
  • Two dedicated integer math units per module
  • 2MB L2 cache per module and 16MB L3 per socket

8, 12, and 16 Core models with boosted clock speeds

Quad-Channel DDR3 1600MHz Memory (with 1866MHz in select configurations)

AMD Turbo Core Technology

  • Boosts clock speed an additional 500MHz if load and TDP permit
  • Clock speed automatically increases by 1GHz when no more than half the cores are active

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