3D Printing Applications

What Can A 3D Printer Do For You?

At Microway we believe that MakerBot 3D printers can add a whole new dimension to your work.  At least, it has for us.  Here are some real-world applications of 3D printing that we’ve performed in-house.

Rapid Prototyping

We’ve saved both time and money bringing our ideas to life without the costs and waiting associated with normal prototyping services.

MakerBot Fan White
3D-printed chassis fan. The blade mechanism was printed separately and actually spins.
MakerBot Tube White
Part of the heat pipe technology we’re developing, this tube was printed using dissolvable support material.
MakerBot Auger White
Another picture of the tube, this time separated from the support material and along-side the auger that it is paired with.

Custom Manufacturing

We’ve recently installed a new IP phone system at our headquarters, which required that we use a new intercom system.  Our mechanical engineer designed and printed an enclosure for this system that we’re using in multiple locations.

MakerBot Intercom Complete
Our 3D-printed intercom system.
MakerBot Intercom Complete Open
An open-box view of the intercom.
MakerBot Intercom Bottom Blue
The bottom half that holds the motherboard.


3D printing has applications outside of just engineering.  Many of our customers benefit from visualizing their work, as you can see from these 3D-printed molecules.  Taking a computer model and making it into a 3D-printed model is actually an easy process.  You can read more about it here.

MakerBot Insulin On Printer Blue
3D-printed human insulin.
MakerBot Insulin Complete Blue
Here you can see the image in perspective.
MakerBot Insulin Complete Green
A smaller version of the same protein.

Interested in Learning More?

Talk to one of our experts or visit our main page on 3D printing.

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