WhisperStations with NVIDIA Multi-GPU Technology

Professional Application Performance from Multiple GPUs + Microway Expert System Design

Microway Whisperstations with NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology combine visualization and interactive design capability with scalable computing power in a single quiet workstation. Multiple GPUs help optimize your workflow across a range of professional applications with performance increases of up to:

  • 21x in Adobe Premiere® Pro CC with Mercury playback engine at 720P**
  • 39x in Adobe® After Effects® CC on ray-traced scenes with 3D layers*
  • 14x in 3ds Max 2014 with NVIDIA iRay® on iRay-bench 3.1*
  • 7x in Ansys 14.5 running Turbine model*

Microway offers preconfigured WhisperStations with NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology in the following categories:

NVIDIA Multi-GPU technology in your WhisperStation delivers you these benefits

  • Substantial time savings—address the pressures of delivering a high-quality product to market more quickly by providing ultra-fast processing of your computations, renderings, and other computational and visually intensive projects.
  • Multiple iterations—revise your product multiple times, despite your resource- and time-constrained environment, for a superior end result.  Complete each iteration of your automobile, animated movie, or seismic data processing faster and pursue additional refinements.

Multi-GPU Performance at the next level: NVIDIA Maximus

NVIDIA Maximus

Microway’s NVIDIA Maximus® certified multi-GPU configurations pair NVIDIA Quadro GPUs with Tesla companion accelerators to automatically perform the heavy lifting of photorealistic rendering or engineering simulation computation in select applications. This frees up CPU resources for the work they are best suited for – I/O, running the operating system and multitasking.

Diagram of NVIDIA Maximus Technology Improving Typical Workflow

Desktop Engineering selects Microway for their Pick of the Week award

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