HPC Clusters

NumberSmasher™ and Navion™ Compute Clusters
High-End, Reliable, Cost-Effective HPC

42U NumberSmasher Xeon E5 ClusterMicroway’s NumberSmasher and Navion clusters integrate the latest architectures and technologies to provide optimal performance for the lowest cost.

With over three decades of experience in HPC, our design and integration teams ensure that your cluster is packaged to arrive fully functioning and on time. We’re good listeners and take your design criteria seriously.

Clusters are designed, integrated and installed following collaboration between Microway’s technicians and your designated IT personnel. For those without dedicated IT facilities, Microway is pleased to offer guidance on industry best-practices.

Microway provides these fully-integrated clusters at very competitive prices. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology in life sciences, universities, commercial and government research count on our expertise and attention to detail.

Microway HPC clusters are available with the following technologies:

Traditional CPU-Based Clusters


Clusters featuring Intel Xeon processors

NumberSmasher clusters are powered by leading-edge Intel Xeon E5-1600v4, E5-2600v4, and E5-4600v4 series CPUs. With industry-leading floating point, integer, and memory performance, Xeon CPUs are the building blocks of superior HPC. CONTINUE READING…


Clusters featuring AMD Opteron processors

Navion clusters feature the AMD Opteron 6300-series 8, 12, and 16 core CPUs. Navion 4-way QuadPuter configurations with up to 64 cores are well suited for extremely dense HPC. CONTINUE READING…

Clusters with Accelerators and Coprocessors:


Clusters featuring NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Clusters incorporating the latest NVIDIA Tesla “Kepler” Tesla K80, “Maxwell” Tesla M40 GPUs, and “Pascal” Tesla P100 GPUs. Our Tesla GPU-accelerated clusters offer unparalleled speedups on pre-ported applications, GPU-enabled libraries, or custom CUDA code. Available in a variety of GPU:CPU ratios. CONTINUE READING…


Clusters featuring Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

These clusters are designed for highly parallel applications executing on the Xeon Phi coprocessor (built upon the Intel Many Integrated Core architecture). Xeon Phi coprocessors provide scale-out x86 performance (50+ cores, >1TFLOPS double) and are compatible with common Intel development tools. CONTINUE READING…

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We employ the fastest multi-core CPUs and multi-channel, error-correcting memory as a foundation for all of our high-performance systems. These guarantee the best performance for any application you or your users plan to execute.

Additional acceleration is available through integrated NVIDIA Tesla GPU compute processors and/or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cards.

Large-capacity, high-bandwidth and low-latency storage systems are available integrated into any of our products.

Connections between systems enable the highest-bandwidth, lowest latency communication available through technologies including 100Gbps EDR InfiniBand, 40Gbps Ethernet and Generation 3.0 PCI-Express buses.

Turn-key Customization

Microway offers customized systems to fit any budget, and will gladly assemble a proposal to match your requirements. Your cluster’s design specifications and quotation will be prepared by our expert team. Depending on the complexity of your system, team members may include individuals with coding, hardware design, technical sales and system integration expertise.

All Microway systems are cluster-ready. Any server or workstation model which matches your requirements is available in a customized cluster. Groups of quiet WhisperStation workstations are available as small in-office compute clusters.

The software and network configuration of your cluster may be specified by your group or prepared by our experienced integrators.

Our proposals include all necessary specifications for your facilities personnel to verify suitable power and cooling. Those without centralized IT may speak with a technical account manager to ensure painless delivery and installation of their new compute resources.

Delivered Ready-to-Run

Microway clusters are integrated and thoroughly tested at our factory before shipment to your site.

  • Each is shipped configured with the Linux distribution of your choice. Options include Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), openSUSE, Debian and Gentoo. Microsoft Windows and Windows Server are also available.
  • Cluster management and monitoring tools – Microway Cluster Management Software (MCMS™) or Bright Cluster Manager – are installed, configured and tested.
  • MPI Link-Checker™ Fabric Validation verifies proper operation of all communication paths between systems.
  • Cluster libraries and tools (such as OFED, MPI and batch schedulers) are compiled, custom-integrated and tested.
  • User-level applications and libraries are available pre-installed.
  • Intel, Portland Group (PGI) and GNU compilers are available pre-installed.
  • Factory pre-wiring of the rackmount cabinets and/or onsite installation services are available.

Supported for Life

Our technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that your entire experience with Microway is handled promptly, creatively, and professionally.

Telephone support is available for the lifetime of your cluster by Microway’s experienced technicians. After the initial warranty period, hardware warranties are offered on an annual basis. Out-of-warranty repairs are available on a time & materials basis.

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